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FPOPM is an umbrella organization formed by the Regional Organic Producers Associations in Macedonia. The highest body in FPOPM is the general assembly (GA). There are defined rules on nomination of delegates in to the GA from each member association. The rules of governance are closely described in the FPOPM Statute which is a public document.

The GA has its president which is running the GA sessions. The delegates in the GA are selecting a Management Board (MB). The MB has 5 members and is managing FPOPM. MB meetings are run by the president of the MB.

As FPOPM is producer organization all other organic movement stakeholders (processors, traders, input supliers, distributors, goverment bodies, National parks, research and education organizations and other legal bodies) may join FPOPM in a structure named “Club of partners”. The “Club of partners” has the right to nominate delegates in the GA and has representatives in different FPOPM bodies. The meetings of the Club of partners are run by the president of the Club of partners.

The Advisory commission is a body thrue which socially renown people in Macedonia (university professors, consultants, business men) are providing input in the work of the FPOPM. The role of the “Advisory commission” is to provide independent views and recommendations to the FPOPM GA and MB regarding issues that are concerning the Organic Movement in Macedonia and FPOPM in general.

FPOPM has two Goodwill Ambassadors, one national and one international. The Goodwill Ambassadors serve as cultural liaisons representing and promoting FPOPM and the Macedonian organic products at various events, there by having a role in developing the domestic market and enchanting the productivity in the overall development process for a sustainable organic agriculture sector in Macedonia.

FPOPM has an Executive unit. Do to absence of sufficient funds a professional Executive personal is not engaged in the moment. Since November 2010 FPOPM has signed a contract for outsourcing the services of Versatus an Association Management Company which is providing most of the executive unit services. The remaining part of the executive unit is constructed of members and volunteers who are executing certain responsibilities on a volunteer base.