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Thank you for your interest in FPOPM membership. We invite you to become a member of FPOPM.

Through your support, we

◦ will continue to maintain the flow of information’s to organic producers, consumers, and wholesalers and anyone interested in organic production about current issues, opportunities that need our collective attention,
◦ will continue to develop the organic movement in Macedonia,
◦ will maintain current the Organic Macedonia website, linking organic producers, and consumers so we can keep one another informed about the availability of organic products and services,
◦ will participate in mentoring activities for the regional associations as the need and possibilities arises,
◦ will represent and advocate in the best interest of the organic movement in Macedonia.

Membership categories

The membership is categorized as either regular member or a member in the FPOPM Partners club.

All associations, farmers cooperatives and producer groups registered in Macedonia is eligible for FPOPM regular membership.

Based on their membership structure regional associations are able to nominate delegates in to the FPOPM general assembly and other bodies. The precise terms for nominating delegates can be found in the FPOPM statute.

FPOPM Partners club

All legal and private persons which have a current certificate under the organic certification provisions for processing, trade (export and import), wild gathering, distribution and sales of organic products are eligible for FPOPM partners club membership.

The FPOPM partners club represents the interests of all certified operators that are not involved in organic agricultural production, but have an interest to participate in the development of the organic movement in Macedonia.

The representatives of the FPOPM partners club can participate in the work of the FPOPM by nominating delegates in the FPOPM general assembly and other FPOPM bodies.

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