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Supply of organic products

Organic Macedonia

The promotion for members of the regional associations of organic producers that are MOPF members and have paid the annual membership fee is free, and no additional fees are charged.

For additional information about MOPF membership please visit the membership section.

The organicmacedonia.org.mk website is developed with the support of the Macedonian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy. 
The website is edited by the Macedonian Organic Producers Federation (MOPF).

Eligible for promotion on this website are all participants in the offer of organic products in Macedonia.

The promotion is free for all producers and certified products. Only a small administration and maintenance fee of 10 EUR for legal bodies and 5 EUR for private persons annually are charged, when submitting the promotion materials.

Procedures for promoting on the organicmacedonia.org.mk website

If interested for promoting on the organicmacedonia.org.mk website please:

1. Fill-in the following FORM;

2. Print-out and sign the filled form;

3. Submit the signed form and a copy of your valid organic certificate via E-mail or by regular mailing;

4. Provide an electronic picture to be published on the website;

5. Submit a proof of payment if required to cover the administration and maintenance fee.

For all additional fees please contact us at info@fpopm.com.